Breaking News: Senate Passes Bill Upgrading Project Management Prac...


Becoming PMP Certified is More Important Than Ever This is big news! According to the Project Management Institute “only 64 percent of government strategic initiatives ever meet their goals and business intent — and that government entities waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on project and programs. The research also shows that these […]

Keep Your PMP – Secure Your PDUs


Cheetah’s Daily Learning Bite Consistent experience creates consistent rewards. Creating increasing value for others creates even greater rewards. But this takes focused effort on improving how you can best be of value – especially as a Project Manager.  The challenge is mastering new skills. When you can efficiently implement new skills and create more measurable value, others […]

Leverage Your PM Skills to Enhance Your Career Opportunities


Cheetah’s Daily Learning Bite Everyday you see the one person who is responsible for the success or failure of your career. That one person is the one who smiles back at you in the mirror. Yes, you. When you commit to Project YOU – you commit to making the most of your career. This is not a […]

How to Find a Program That’s Worth Your Time and Money


As a leader in your organization, you know the value of Project Management principles and tools. You know that good Project Management education can get your whole team speaking the same project language, streamlines processes for making decisions, and facilitates effective communication among stakeholders. The trouble is, you know that Project Management trainings vary widely […]

How Your Personality Can Help You With Spring Cleaning


Here at Cheetah Learning, we study how people learn best, do projects, and negotiate based on their personality types. We have learned over the years that how you approach your Spring cleaning project has a lot to do with your personality type, too. And it’s not simply that some personality types are “good” at Spring […]

Setting Up a Productive Workspace with the 5 S’s


Your project teams seem to have all the right pieces… team members’ technical proficiency good internal communication an organized Project Manager …but something still isn’t quite right. Your team still struggles to get projects done on-time and is not as productive as it could be. What’s going on here? It might have something to do […]

What Happens When Success is Your Only Option


When you run a small business, as small as even just yourself, does failure ever really occur? I hear often in the media about this or that business being “too big to fail” – but in reality isn’t it more like “Too Small to Fail?” I ask this question of myself, more rhetorically than anything. I’ve been running […]

Team Conflict Doesn’t Have to Make You Cringe


When you hear the word “conflict,” do you automatically think the worst? You really shouldn’t. When a team knows how to constructively hash out an idea, the results of meshing differences can be pretty impressive. Team members bring a variety of valuable perspectives, experiences, knowledge and ideas to the table, and the sharing of those […]

Cheetah Learning Founder, Michelle LaBrosse, on KTVU Live Discussin...


Our Chief Cheetah, Michelle LaBrosse, was interviewed on KTVU in San Francisco to talk about Project Management and working with Walter Urban of Urban Dynamics for the past 14 years. Urban Dynamics has grown and expanded their ‘Rent a VP’ program by adopting Cheetah Project Management practices and becoming PMP certified through Cheetah Learning. It’s been a healthy and mutually […]

Are Your New Goals the Right Goals for You?


For many people, January is the most common time of the year to pursue new goals. As the years go on, this yearly goal-setting becomes routine; even though you have new goals you’re passionate about pursuing each year, your faith in your ability to accomplish them or your awareness about why you’re setting goals in […]

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